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    Teacher's Guide

    In the jump-in-and-get-started Teachers Guide, Gretchen outlines the thinking behind Literate Days and provides an overview of the series' components and instructional design. She also includes tips for organizing your classroom and tailoring instruction. Strategies for implementing an effective literacy curriculum are supported by planning tools and schedules.

    Teacher's Guide Contents
    Snapshot of a Literate Day

    Literate Days: Organization and Content
    Overview of the 3 Books and DVD
    The Lessons The Curricular Spiral and Planning for the Year
    • Figure 2 Plan for the Year
    • Figure 3 Example of a Pathway for Preschool
    • Figure 4 Example of a Pathway for Kindergarten
    • Figure 5 Example of a Pathway for First Grade
    • Figure 6 Blank Form for Planning
    Tailoring for Individual Needs and Grade Levels
    • Figure 7 Developmental Continuum of Literacy Competencies: End of School Year
    Setting Up for Literate Days
    • Figure 8 Planning Tool: Daily Schedule (Example for Preschool Teacher)
    • Figure 9 Planning Tool: Daily Schedule (Example for Half-Day Kindergarten)
    • Figure 10 Planning Tool: Daily Schedule (Example for Full-Day Kindergarten or First Grade)
    • Figure 11 Center Rotation Schedule
    • Figure 12 Differentiating Center Experiences
    Bibliography of Children's Literature
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