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    Teacher's Guide
    "Snapshot of a Literate Day"
    To get a feel for what children in a Literate Days classroom experience on a daily basis, read this snapshot.

    "Outline for the 33 Lessons"
    This outline lists and describes the 33 lessons and their related tools and visuals.

    Book 1
    Lesson 3: Read-Aloud: Procedures and Early Comprehension Strategy Instruction
    Teach the specific procedures and patterns for the read-aloud portion of circle time-after children have been familiarized with basic circle routines (Lesson 1).

    Book 2
    Lesson 10: Expanding Literacy Explorations In Play
    Support children in expanding their uses of literacy in the sociodramatic play area.

    Book 3
    Lesson 3: Retelling and Rethinking Nonfiction: A Way to Support Consideration of Key Content

    Literate DVD:
    Book 1, Lesson 10: Literacy in the Play Center Observe as Sarah introduces literacy materials to the dramatic play area in the classroom and works with children to enhance their literacy exploration. Then listen in as Sarah and Gretchen discuss her teaching moves and methods.
    *Excerpt from "Literacy in the Play Center" (complete lesson, 11 minutes, 17 MB)
    *Excerpt from "Conversation with Sarah" (complete conversation, 5 minutes, 7MB)

    *NOTE: The latest version of QuickTime® is required to view the movies, click here to download a free version. Speakers are recommended.

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