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    Literate Days DVD

    Lessons from Literate Days contains 2 hours of classroom footage to help you envision the routines and procedures described in the 33 lessons. You will see preschool, kindergarten, and first grade teachers implementing the lessons, working with children as they participate in related activities, and kidwatching in ways that inform instruction. Brief follow-up interviews with each teacher are also included. The easy-to-use series of menus on the DVD allows to you navigate quickly to the desired section.

    DVD Contents
    Lessons from Literate Days DVD includes classroom footage of several lessons from each of the three lesson books. After each lesson, there is a conversation between Gretchen and the classroom teacher.


    Book 1 *NOTE: The latest version of QuickTime® is required to view the movies, click here to download a free version. Speakers are recommended.

    Book 2
    • Expanding the Read-Aloud and Conversations with Melvina
    • Independent Reading and Conversation with Sarah
    • Expanding the Writing Workshop and Conversation with Melvina
    • Supporting Genre Exploration and Conversation with Becky
    Book 3
    • Literature Circles and Conversation with Christian
    • Retelling and Rethinking Stories and Conversation with Christian
    • Writing Nonfiction and Conversation with Christian
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