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    Book 2:
    Building, Energizing, and Re-envisioning the Literacy Curriculum

    The lessons in Book 2 are designed to offer P/K/1 children continued support as they participate in these classroom literacy practices in ever-expanding ways, and are taught new strategies and skills. With the lessons in Book 2, children begin to explore reading and writing strategies in more depth and through more genres; they are introduced to partner reading and independent reading; and they expand their uses of literacy in the centers.

    The kidwatching tools in Book 2 are designed to help you fine tune what you know about your students, to continue to track their growth over time, and to continue to make instructional decisions based on what they know and can do. These tools should be used selectively, as they meet your particular students' needs, within your particular curriculum.

    Book 2 Contents
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    Lesson 1: Enhancing the Read-Aloud: Building Strong Comprehenders from the Start Expand the teacher read-aloud to include an in-depth exploration of comprehension strategies.

    Lesson 2: Using Literature Response as a Tool for Supporting the Development of Content and Literacy Knowledge
    Engage students in different ways of responding to the content of a book.

    Lesson 3: Building High-Quality Partner Reading
    Walk through the routine and the expectations for partner reading.

    Lesson 4: Building High-Quality Independent Reading
    Walk through the routine and the expectations for independent reading.

    Lesson 5: Expanding Use of the Classroom Library: Teaching Children Strategies for Finding Books They Want to Dig Into
    Teach children strategies for finding classroom library books they enjoy.

    Lesson 6: Previewing as a Channel Into Books
    Teach children a strategy for previewing literature.

    Lesson 7: Expanding the Writing Workshop: Personal and Biographical Narratives
    After spending two or three weeks introducing children to the routines and expectations for writing workshop (Book 1 Lesson 5), begin to focus on teaching them to write within particular genres.

    Lesson 8: Supporting Genre Exploration Through the Writing Center
    Support students in expanding their exploration of genres.

    Lesson 9: Word Study: Focusing on the Essentials
    Discuss the different print resources in the classroom that children can use for spelling, then focus on and study words and word patterns.

    Lesson 10: Expanding Literacy Explorations In Play
    Support children in expanding their uses of literacy in the sociodramatic play area.

    Lesson 11: Using Print to Support Classroom Activities: Adding to the Genres
    Teach children to use print to support various classroom activities.

    Lesson 12: Using the Classroom Library Checkout
    Teach children to check out books from the classroom library and discuss what they might do with the books at home.


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