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    About the Author

    Gretchen Owocki is a professor at Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, Michigan, where she teaches courses in literacy, teacher research, and early childhood education. She is a national speaker and consultant in these areas.

    During the past 15 years, she has done numerous collaborative research projects with early childhood classroom teachers, having started her work with Yetta Goodman, one of the founders of the progressive education movement. She has been documenting what teachers in exemplary classrooms are doing and sharing this research ever since.

    Gretchen has authored five books with Heinemann, including Time for Literacy Centers (2005), Comprehension (2003), Kidwatching (2002), Make Way for Literacy! (co-published by NAEYC in 2001) and Literacy Through Play (1999). Gretchen, her husband David, and their daughter Emilia enjoy life on their Michigan farm with their dog, J.R.

    To learn more about these books click on the links below.

    Comprehension: Strategic Instruction for K-3 Children
    Kidwatching: Documenting Children's Literacy Development
    Literacy Through Play
    Make Way for Literacy!: Teaching the Way Young Children Learn
    Time for Literacy Centers: How to Organize and Differentiate Instruction

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